Deploy "Managed Google Play store app" to your android phones and how to make them appear quickly on the home screen

Google Play Managed Apps are Android applications that can be deployed and managed through the Google Play Store for Work console. These apps are designed for use in enterprise environments and offer a variety of management features to help administrators control app usage on employee devices.

Managed apps can be installed on Android devices that are enrolled in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution like Microsoft Intune or Google Workspace. Once installed, these apps can be managed remotely, and administrators can control how they are used on employee devices. For example, they can set app configuration policies, restrict access to certain features, and even remotely wipe app data if needed.

Google Play Managed Apps are a useful tool for organizations that need to manage and control app usage on employee devices. They offer an easy way to deploy and manage apps in a controlled environment and help ensure that company data is kept secure.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to first deploy it.

  • Strap on your seatbelt and fire up your computer, it's time to log in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center.
  • Take a deep breath and click on "Apps" from the left-hand menu.

  • Bam! Hit that "Add" button and choose "Managed Google Play app" from the drop-down menu like it's nobody's business.
  • Time to play hide and seek, search for the app you want to deploy and catch it like a pro.
  • Show some love and click "Approve" to welcome the app into your organization's Managed Google Play account.
  • When the app is approved, give yourself a pat on the back and head back to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center.
  • Click on the app you just approved to open the app details page, and get ready to be amazed!
  • Look out, it's the "Assignments" tab! Click on it and select the group you want to deploy the app to like a boss.

  • Let's seal the deal! Hit that "Save" button and watch the magic happen.

Now comes the tricky part. Some apps might not show up in the managed google play store as soon as you add the assignment groups but will show up if you search for it manually.

So what happens is, it will only show-up the apps on the home page which we add to the collection.

So for that what you can do it head to the Managed Google Play from Intune and go to the Organize app section.

Now once you're in the Organize apps section, just click on add, search for the application, tick mark it, click on "Add Apps" and Save it.

And voila! The app will be now instantly visible in your your Android Managed Google Playstore and your job is done. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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